7 Problems Regular Massage Therapy Can Help Solve

It just makes sense to add a spa treatment to your luxurious vacation in the north Georgia mountains, but did you know massage therapy can be more than just a simple indulgence? Many guests enjoy a visit to our spa as a part of their regular massage therapy regimen to treat various physical issues. The following are just some of the many problems our massage therapists can work with you to help solve or alleviate.

Woman lying on her back with a white turban on her head and getting a face massage

  • Sports Injuries–Overworked muscles can cause a lot of pain and strain on your body. Massage therapy can help relax these muscles which can work to prevent muscle strength imbalances and other muscular issues.
  • Anxiety and Depression–The healing touch of therapeutic massage is huge when it comes to treating anxiety and depression. Not only can it relax you, but it can also help you regain the mind-body connection that is so essential to mental health. Massages can also be a time for you to calm your mind and recalibrate your thoughts.
  • Back Pain–Easily one of the top reasons folks see massage therapists. Massage can help release the body’s natural painkillers while it also releases muscle tension that is often the source of low back pain.
  • Migraine–Migraines can be debilitating. And once they hit, it can be hard to overcome. All the more reason to get a regular massage with the goal of keeping the muscles in the jaw, neck, back, and shoulders supple and tension-free so those migraines stay away.
  • Allergies–Many therapists can tell when a person is suffering from allergies just by palpating the lymph nodes to see if they are swollen. A massage is one of the best ways to get the lymph flowing throughout the body and relieve some of the symptoms of allergies.
  • Circulation–Poor circulation can cause a whole host of issues. The stimulation that massage therapy provides promotes blood flow, which helps the body heal itself naturally.
  • Stress–Massage therapy might not be able to solve the cause of your stress, but it can definitely active your body to reduce some of the symptoms caused by regular day-to-day stress. Massage clients often report improved mood, improved sleep, reduced blood pressure, and an overall sense of well-being following a therapy session.

Head and shoulders of a man receiving a Swedish massage.

And this isn’t even an extensive list! Massage therapy has been renewing the world over as one of the most ancient forms of healing practices. At Lucille’s, we want your stay to be both indulgent and healing. That’s why we have many different therapeutic options to fit your exact needs. From general massages to feet, hands, neck, or cranial-centered massages, you are sure to find something just right for you. Call today and make a plan for your next North Georgia trip to involve some serious rejuvenation! As always, you don’t have to be a guest at our inn to use the spa amenities (although we hope you do decide to stay with us!)