[Updated and effectively immediately as of June 21, 2022]


Services are scheduled by appointment only.  Please understand that we can’t always guarantee same day appointments will be available. In our commitment to providing you with a unique and memorable treatment experience, we ask that you schedule with as much advance notice as possible. This will help to ensure that we are able to accommodate your preferred day and time for spa services. Also, please note that we can not schedule or confirm any spa reservations via email. All appointments must be made directly over the phone. 50% of the total service cost will be due at the time of scheduling to secure your appointment time.  Same day appointments (within 24 hours) will require full payment at the time of scheduling.


A 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations.  Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn and Spa reserves the right to charge the full amount of treatment cost for any cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.  This includes appointments that are scheduled within 24 hours of the appointment time. By giving us your credit card information, you are authorizing this charge in the event you that you cancel within 24 hours of your arrival time or you do not show up for your appointment. We welcome you to send a friend or a family member in your place.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, as long as we receive a 24-hour notice prior to your scheduled start time, we will happily refund your deposit in full, minus a $10 booking fee.


If you are late to your appointment, you are welcome to receive whatever time is left in your appointment. Due to our tightly booked schedule we are generally unable to extend your session beyond your original appointment. Regardless of the length of the service actually given due to late arrival, you will be responsible for payment of the full service you scheduled. Please give us a call if you know you will be running late.


If you prefer either a male or female therapist you can request this at the time of booking your appointment.  If you have enjoyed the services of a particular therapist on a prior visit, feel free to request that person.


Gratuities are not included in the prices of our services. Please note that 20% will be added to your service, unless you prefer or request otherwise.


It is your choice to talk to your therapist or remain quiet throughout your session.  Your therapist  will follow your lead and mirror your decision.  There are times that your therapist may need to speak to have you reposition, request feedback on pressure, or explain a finding.


Please inform us at time of scheduling of any health conditions, allergies, special needs, prior injuries, sensitive muscles, or any other concerns you may have.  Your safety is very important to us and some services may not be appropriate for certain conditions.


Please be sure to speak up.  All aspects of your massage session can be modified to your preference: pressure (too light or too deep), lighting in the room etc…We do our best to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed, and highly satisfied throughout every aspect of your spa treatment.