Spa Services By Appointment Only – Please Call 706-878-5055 In Advance to Schedule 

Spa Hours: Monday – Sunday (7 days a week)  9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Step into relaxation at The Spa at Lucille’s.

Set on a mountain top overlooking North Georgia’s historic Sautee Valley, along the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Spa at Lucille’s is a tranquil hideaway to relax and be pampered for an hour, the day, or a week.  The Spa at Lucille’s is open to the public and can be enjoyed by visitors to the area and local neighbors, as well as overnight guests of the Inn and those on retreats.  If you are staying in nearby Helen, GA, a spa getaway is a great way to get a vacation inside your vacation!

The Spa specializes in traditional and custom treatments to energize and refresh your body and spirit. We use products made of ingredients which are 90-99% natural plus are paraben and sulfite free.  Some of our signature services include: Couples Massage, Dry Brush & Aromatherapy Massage, Lucille’s Nourishing & Hydrating Facial, and a Hydrating Wrap in your choice of “flavors”. Spa Packages like our popular Total Bliss and Half-Day Relaxation Packages are also available to indulge in sweet serenity and relaxation. The Spa at Lucille’s is the perfect spot to unwind after participating in outdoor activities such as hiking to one of the many nearby waterfalls, biking through mountain trails and along scenic highways, or hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

Just inside The Spa at Lucille’s you will find an environment designed for your relaxation. The Spa is trimmed in subtle hues that reflect the warm tones of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains just outside. The space has a light, airy feel that is distinctly different from the contemporary lodge vibe of the inn.  The Spa’s four treatment rooms are modern and serene to provide you with a relaxing and pleasant experience. The Spa at Lucille’s is the perfect solution for a mother’s day out, couple’s romantic weekend, girls’ weekend, bachelorette or bridal party, or a sports massage after a long day of hiking or golf.

Many of the products used in our treatments come from 100% Pure and Farmhouse Fresh are also available for sale – so even if you don’t have time to stay and relax with us, you can take a bit of the Spa home with you from our retail store.  They also make great gifts!

Spa Appointments
Spa services are by appointment only.  If visiting the Inn, please call before your stay to ensure your appointment time of choice is available.  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days at the Spa, so please plan ahead.

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Spa Menu and Packages

**Introducing Our New Richway Amethyst Biomat!!**

$50 for 30 min/$100 for 55 min (A great enhancement for any spa service!)

The Amethyst Biomat converts electricity through a computerized control panel, produced with specialized Instruments, into Far Infrared Rays (FIR), nature’s invisible light. FIR was discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial light wave. It penetrates 6-8 inches into the innermost recesses of the body, with powerful healing benefits that include: reduces stress, anxiety, stress, and fatigue, and improves mood. Detoxifies cells & supports a strong immune system, speeds the healing of joints and tissue, improves sleep & deep relaxation, relieves chronic pain, acute pain, sprains & strains, improves blood circulation and weight loss. Please be advised, we do not offer this service for guests with electronic medical devices. 


All treatments include neck, shoulders, head, and scalp massage.

Quick Fix Mini-Facial

Woman receiving a quick fix mini facial.

$80 (30 min)

(A Popular Add-On Available With Any of Our Treatments)

Skin will rejoice with this complimentary blend of antioxidants, botanical, and plant-derived elixirs that dazzle and transform dull, lifeless, thirsty skin.  A mask of Vitamin C and peptides transform the skin in as little as just 3 minutes!  An age-defying eye cream will elevate the crow’s feet, while a magical moisturizer will top off this amazing transformation with its lush hydrating properties.

Morning Dew Ultimate Hydration Boost Facial

Woman lying down with cucumber slices on her eyes and a daisy in her wrap on her head

$135 (55 min)

Cucumbers wash away dirt, impurities, and makeup, while green tea extracts soothe the mind and body. Lucille’s own signature honey scrub tingles the skin with delight as it restores nutrient-rich skin and eliminates deep dirt that causes acne and blemishes. You will see your skin temporarily flush pink as oxygen enters your skin from our rich blend of turmeric, coconut milk, Vitamin C, watercress, cucumbers, and botanical clays. With omegas, fatty acids, and Vitamins C and E, sea berry oil deeply moisturizes the skin, revealing a fresh, radiant glow for the face and eyes. Your childhood dreams come true when your lips are hydrated with Natural Dreamsicle Flavors, enriched in Vitamin C and botanical.

In My Youth Firming and Toning Facial

Close-up photo of a woman with her eyes closed getting a facial. There is two hands on each temple

$145 (55 min)

Ahhh…..Feel the day wash away with a refreshing PH-balanced cleanser that removes all oils, makeup, and dirt. It is then followed by Lucille’s signature honey scrub, which helps to cleanse, nourish, and protect skin from unwanted blemishes and impurities.  One mask firms, dramatically reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increases skin firmness. Similarly, the other, which contains Vitamin C, turmeric, and retinal, reduces impurities, tightens, and leaves the skin glowing and radiant.  Our serum contains hyaluronic acid and peptides, which can firm deep wrinkles by up to 45%, and our eye cream can reduce visibility by up to 58%. Kabachiol is a plant-derived retinal, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants that delivers an instant Botox look. Leaves skin firm, vibrant, and glowing with a youthful appearance. We finish up your treatment with a delicious vitamin and botanical-infused lip moisturizer.

Stunning Returns Facial (Psst - men love this one!)

Mans head shot if two hands giving him a facial with sponges

$160 (55min)

A gentle combination of Vitamin C and glycolic acid cleanse and exfoliate the face.  The face will then welcome a light blend of chamomile, organic oranges, citrus extracts, retinal, brightening clay, and homegrown antioxidants (get a 5-star rating from the toughest mask junkies.)  The second mask include a pro-strength acid peel, producing a mini miracle.  A plant-based retinal that visibility firms and has a bouncy youthful appearance.  A light and airy cream will give the skin a nourished youthful glow, while the eyes are introduced to a complex peptide of nutrients that reduce the wrinkle depth by over 58%, while a compound of blue matcha, spirulina, and spearmint calm and nourish the lips.


Massages are available in 55 minute ($120) and 85 minute ($185) sessions. Talk with your therapist to customize the treatment techniques used for your session.

Full Body Signature Massage

$120 (55 min) and $185 (85 min)

All therapists at Lucille’s are highly trained, licensed professionals, who are experienced in tailoring massage treatments to the exact needs of their clients.  Your therapist will talk with you both before and during your session to determine the specific techniques and pressures needed to ensure that your treatment is the most therapeutically beneficial and relaxing experience possible.

Full Body DEEP TISSUE Massage

$140 (55 min) and $220 (85 min)

Our deep tissue massage centers on realigning the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue.  It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deeper pressure on the tense areas.  It is particularly helpful for continually tight and contracted areas such as stiff necks, lower back tightness, and sore shoulders.

Prenatal Massage

Pregant Women laying on her side with her belly exposed getting a gental massage

$130 (55 min) and $195 (85 min)

Pregnancy must be beyond first trimester.

Prenatal massage can also help improve circulation, reduce nervous tension, and help relieve depression or anxiety.  This gentle massage focuses on tired and strained muscles affected by changes in shape and weight, leaving mom-to-be feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

We do not recommend Foot Reflexology with pregnant women. Our therapists will treat your wrists and ankles with gentle care as to avoid any contraindications with pregnancy. 

Warm Stone Massage

Woman laying on her stomach with warm polished basalt stones running down her back

$25 up-charge (55 min) $35 up-charge (85 min)

This relaxing treatment uses warm polished basalt stones to massage the body. The penetrating heat of the stones when placed on strategic areas deeply relaxes muscles and melts away stress.  Please note that we need at least 30 minutes advance notice to schedule this service.

Dry Brush & Aromatherapy (A great way to enhance any spa service!)

Head shot with shoulders of a woman with dark hair with fragrant blend being poured on her back

($25 upcharge)

A light dry brush body exfoliation is followed by a flowing massage using a fragrant blend of sweet almond oil, flower essences and herbs. Stimulates the skin and leaves it soft and hydrated. As a bonus you get to take home the dry brush so you continue spoiling yourself. This enhancement can be included with any of our services.

Couples Massage (55 min or 85 min)

Priced based on individual massages selected

Enjoy a relaxing massage with someone special in our couple’s treatment room. Each of you chooses your favorite massage style to ensure you get the most relaxing experience.

Sip on amazing local taste and decompress with a bottle of wine and/or cheese plate after your spa treatments. Available upon request.

Skin Treatments / Wraps

Stimulating Salt and Cream Glow

a woman laying on her stomach with a towel covering her lower area with salt being spread over her back

$135 (75 min)

After applying hot towels, a lightweight delicious salt scrub, rich in Vitamins and antioxidants, is gently massaged on the skin.  After a quick shower rinse, a nourishing body cream or oil is applied to smooth and hydrate, leaving the skin with soft and lustrous glow.  Perfect before a party or special occasions, or during shorts and sleeveless weather.

Hydrating Wrap

A woman wrapped in a foil cloth laying on her back with her head wrapped in a towel getting her head massage

$135 (55 min)

After dry brushing, the skin is smoothed with a vitamin hydrating enriched oil. You are then wrapped in warm thermal sheets to fully hydrate your skin while your neck, head and shoulders are massaged. Leaves the skin soft and lightly scented. Pairs well with a Lucille’s Nourishing & Hydrating Facial.

Hand / Feet Treatments

Foot Reflexology

(30 min) $70

Hot towel compresses are applied to the feet, and appropriate pressure is applied to reflex points on the foot that correspond to different areas of the body for beneficial effect. Not recommended during pregnancy.

Healing Hands

(30 min) $65

The hands are dipped into warm paraffin and then wrapped in mitts to soften the skin and relieve inflammation, followed by a hand massage with hydrating moisturizer.  Please note that we need at least 4 hours advance notice to prepare for this service.

Feet in the Clouds

two feet all moist on a bed of flowers, Feet massage

(30 min) $65

Hot towel compresses are applied to the feet followed by a scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Extensive moisturizers are then applied while the feet are massaged, leaving the feet soft and revitalized.

Hands and Feet Together

Two hands massaging your hand and two hands massaging a foot

(1 hour) $120

A relaxing combination of the Healing Hands and Feet in the Clouds treatments.

Spa Packages

Relaxation Package

One woman laying on her back wrapped in a white Towel with flowers around her. Another woman laying on her stomach getting a shoulder massage

(85 min) $185

Our most popular package! De-stress with this combination of a 55 minute Massage and a 30 minute Anti-Stress Mini Facial. (Upcharge for deep tissue.)

Traveler's Treat

One foot with two hands giving a foot massage and a pink flower in the background

(85 min) $185

55 minute massage plus foot treatment focused on problem areas.  Just the thing after an invigorating hike in the beautiful North Georgia mountains! (Upcharge for deep tissue).

Mountain Bliss Package

Women with dark hair laying on her back with her hair dangling off the table getting a massage on her shoulders

(1 hr 50 min) $250

Take time to relax and recharge. Includes our three most popular services: 55 minute Massage, 25 minute Anti-Stress Mini Facial and 25 minute Feet in the Clouds treatment. (upcharge for deep tissue).

Love in Paradise Couples Package

(1 hr 50 min) $490

Enjoy candlelit relaxation with someone special!

Includes 55 minute Massage, Anti-Stress Mini Facial and Feet in the Clouds treatment for each of you. Topped off with Chocolate-covered Strawberries. (upcharge for deep tissue).

Add a bottle of wine or Champagne (market price) served at the Inn for a truly memorable occasion!

Serenity Package

Three images: a woman's feet in a wrap, woman getting massage, and woman receiving facial.


Submerge yourself in luxury and face the world anew. Includes 85 minute Massage, a Hydrating, Skin Softening Wrap, Nourishing and Hydrating Facial, Healing Hands and Feet in the Clouds treatments. Four and a half hours of spa treatments, plus a light lunch. (upcharge for deep tissue). Please note, 20% gratuity will be added on to this service.

Half-Day Restoration Package

One woman laying on her back wrapped in a white Towel with flowers around her. Another woman laying on her stomach getting a shoulder massage


A half-day of sumptuous treatments to re-energize your body and mind. Includes a 55 minute Massage, a Salt & Cream Glow, and an Anti-aging Facial. Three hours and 15 minutes of spa treatments plus a light lunch. (upcharge for deep tissue). Please note, 20% gratuity will be added on to this service.