7 DIY Back Pain Remedies

We’ve “got your back” when it comes to back pain here at Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa. Our massage therapists are specially trained to help release muscle tension, promote blood flow, and hopefully relieve pain that you may be experiencing. When you’re in-between visits to our serene day spa in the scenic North Georgia Mountains, try these tips and tricks to relieve muscle pain and release tension that builds up over the course of doing everyday tasks. As always, consult your doctor before trying any DIY pain remedies to see what is the best method for your particular situation. And then come by the spa for a luxurious retreat for your body, mind, and spirit!A arm with a beaded bracelet in a meditative position.

  1. Avoid Static Posture—This is especially important for those of us who sit at a desk for work or who stand for long periods of time. Schedule a few minutes out of each hour to stand up and move around to relieve the stress on your spine and allow your muscles to rest.
  2. Foam Roller or Tennis Ball—When you feel tightness in your back or hips, a great way to relieve that tension is through rolling out the muscles on a tennis ball or foam roller. This is the perfect technique for when you are between massages. A foam roller can reach areas that are difficult to stretch out on your own and this pain relief method is noninvasive and can work almost immediately.
  3. Stretches & Yoga—Its important to keep your spine and muscles supple. With a combination of Yoga and stretching, you can elongate and strengthen your back muscles and their supporting tissues which helps protect against injury and further stress on your back.
  4. Harness the Power of Endorphins—Endorphins are hormones that can make us feel happy and content, but they can also block pain receptors. Find an aerobic activity that doesn’t aggravate your back pain and make a habit of carving out time for it. Not only will you feel better physically and emotionally, but you may also experience significant pain reduction too!
  5. Get Sleep—This one is hard for all of us, and back pain can make it even harder to achieve the restorative sleep that our bodies need. But sleep is an essential part of your body being able to heal itself and regain energy levels. Talk with your doctor if you’re having a hard time falling or staying asleep.
  6. Strengthen Your Core—Our body is an intricate system, so it’s important to acknowledge that strong support muscles in the abdomen are just as critical to preventing back pain as keeping the back itself strong. Talk to a healthcare professional for the safest way for you to strengthen your core for your situation.
  7. Meditation and Mindfulness—The mind-body connection is huge when it comes to pain management. Not only can meditation help us release those pain-blocking endorphins, but it can also help us reduce anxiety and stress, a critical component to back pain management.

We hope these techniques give you some relief while you’re between visits to Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa. Schedule an indulgent day of spa treatments with our Serenity Package and enjoy four and a half hours of luxury and relaxation. Our skilled therapists will have you feeling rested and at peace in no time! So book a room today and head for the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia where you can relax in complete luxury!