Fly Fishing School in the North Georgia Mountains

An angler wades in a river waiting for a fish to bite.

Fishing School

Are you an aspiring angler? Are you looking to gain more skills and experience but aren’t sure where to start? The Fly Fishing School at Habersham Mill might just have the exact experience you’re looking for! Join other fishing students on a two-day intensive program in the north Georgia mountains that will teach you the basics of fly fishing and enhance the skills you may already have with the help of nationally-recognized fly fishing instructors, Jimmy Harris and Kent Edmonds.

Upcoming Offerings

The school offers various experiences throughout the year, but their next session is February 22 – 23, 2020. During the weekend session, you will have the opportunity to learn the important elements of fishing in a brief classroom setting, but then quickly put those principles to work by getting in the river and practicing for yourself. The school focuses on a learn-by-doing approach that is enhanced by the high student-to-teacher ratio. You can practice on your own while having a guide nearby when you need or want it, and the large amount of time you’ll spend on the river that weekend will ensure that you will remember the skills you learned for the next time you go fishing.

A fisherman holds his latest catch, a large trout.

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The Fly Fishing School at Habersham Mill is located on the Soque River just outside of Clarkesville, GA in what is known as a top-notch trout fishing destination. It’s a quick drive from Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa, so we’re the perfect resting place between runs. Not everyone in your party a fishing enthusiast? No problem! Lucille’s Day Spa is the perfect way to relax if outdoor recreation isn’t your thing. We have packages to suit anyone’s needs, including massages, foot & hand treatments, and facials.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down, schedule a getaway (706-878-5055) today to enjoy all that the north Georgia mountains have to offer!