5 Reasons to Visit an Escape Room in the North Georgia Mountains

An empty room with seven doors, one is yellow and the others are gray.

Tired of the same dinner-and-a-movie weekend routine? Looking for something challenging, inventive, and unique? The escape rooms of the north Georgia mountains are just the ticket! If you’ve never done an escape room before, it’s a cooperative game that will have you searching for clues, solving puzzles, and rushing to beat the clock so you can “escape” the room triumphantly. Here  are 5 reasons why you should give escape rooms a try:

  1. For the Challenge—It takes a clever team to make it out of the escape room before the clock runs out. To succeed, you have to think smart and think fast. Some puzzles will require multiple people to unlock different clues at different times. Other puzzles may require you to look at the problem in an unconventional way to find the solution.
  2. To Make Stronger Connections with Your Loved Ones—It’s no surprise that people enjoy escape rooms for date nights, family nights, corporate team-building events and more. Escape rooms get us out from behind our screens and into a full -sensation experience where we have to rely on our team to succeed. Working together towards a common goal and communicating effectively brings people together in a way that other entertainment choices don’t.
  3. For Role-Playing—It can be fun to try on a different persona or see what it might feel like to experience reality in a different way. Are you a detective solving a murder case? Are you a spy trying to figure out the drop-off location of important intel? The possibilities for role-playing are endless and most escape room venues work hard to keep their content fresh each time.
  4. MindEscapesThis escape room in Helen is currently offering some exciting options including, “BOOM,” a game where you play bomb detectives who need to solve clues in order to disarm the bomb and solve the murder. “Cabin in the Woods” is another option that has you getting lost while hiking in the north Georgia mountains. “Old Man Tiller” traps you in his cabin and you only have one hour to escape!
  5. The Lost RoomThis is another escape room venue in Helen that is currently offering a game called, “The Last Piece.” You are captured by a serial killer who has traps set for you. Solve the puzzle to escape with your life! Or try, “The Master Key,” which will have you searching for the keys belonging to a professor who has recently disappeared. Things will quickly get complicated and you must solve the puzzle to keep the world from falling into darkness.

There is such a variety of activities to do in the north Georgia mountains. Escape rooms are an exciting way to enjoy our area, especially during the colder winter months. So bring out a side of yourself and your friends that you’ve never seen before by scheduling an escape room today! Lucille’s is just down the road from Helen and makes a perfect destination for whatever wild exploits you wish to pursue. Book a stay with us today and let the adventure begin! (706-878-5055)

A scattering of items a detective might use, including a camera, magnifying glass, coffee mug, pen and paper.