Is Sautee Nacoochee, GA HAUNTED?

Friends are gathered around a campfire at nighttime. When the crisp fall weather rolls in and the days get shorter, we know it’s time for ghost story season. So settle into a cozy chair, grab some steaming hot chocolate and get ready for things to get spooky as we share this north Georgia tale of love, heartbreak, murder, and the ghostly souls that may still inhabit the land we call home.

Before white settlers arrived in the converging valleys of Sautee and Nacoochee, the land was home to the Cherokee and Chickasaw tribes, who were often warring against each other. It was during a peaceful period, though, that the chief of the Cherokee nation, Chief Wahoo, allowed the Chickasaw tribe to pass through Cherokee territory. It was this fateful moment that our two star-crossed lovers met.

Sautee was a warrior from the Chickasaw tribe, and Nacoochee (whose name meant “evening star”) was the daughter of Chief Wahoo. It was love at first sight. Sautee and Nacoochee ran away to a hidden cave in nearby Mt. Yonah, where they made plans to be together and to bring peace to both of their tribes.

But their bliss was short-lived. Chief Wahoo found out about the young lover’s intentions and immediately forbade them from continuing their relationship. Chief Wahoo dragged Sautee up to the top of Mt. Yonah and threw him to his death below. Nearby, Nacoochee looked on, devastated. Not being able to conceive of life without her love, she threw herself off the edge of the same mountain, plunging to her death.

Chief Wahoo was grief-stricken by what he had caused his daughter to do. So he had the two lovers buried together on what is now known as the Nacoochee Indian Mound. Legend has it that these two Romeo and Juliet souls still roam the valley to this day, trying to share their anguish with anyone who will listen.

We love sharing the local history of Sautee Nacoochee with our guests. Take a look at our earlier post for more history or make your way over to the Sautee Nacoochee Cultural Center for a thorough (and perhaps more accurate!) examination of our area’s history. Better yet, wrap yourself up in a blanket at Lucille’s and share your own ghosts stories on our back deck under the autumn stars. We’d love to see you this fall, so book a room today! (706-878-5055)

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