5 Unique Coffee Shops to Visit in the North Georgia Mountains

The Coffee Buzz You Crave In North GeorgiaA group sitting at a table raise their classes and mugs off coffee to toast.

Like wine, coffee has its own culture. Are your cups inspired by the primal need to wake up in the morning? Is it more about tasting the different flavors and noticing the way different growing methods and locations contribute to each flavor of brew? Is it simply a pleasant way to pass the time chatting with your best friend? Do you take your coffee black or do you like to add just the right amount of cream and sugar? What’s the best pastry pairing for your coffee? No matter what inspires your caffeine cravings, you’ll want to try out these unique coffee shops while you visit the north Georgia mountains. Rest assured, we’ll have you covered for your first cup or two at breakfast at Lucille’s. But if you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or a place to rest between adventures, this list will send you in the right direction.

Heading North to Helen, GA

  • Jumping Goat Coffee Roasters—If you revel in the variety of flavors coffee has to offer, you’ll love this spot. Try the bourbon-infused, pecan coffee or the gourmet wine-infused brew. Munch on candies and chocolates or try a taste of their tea blends. And if you find something you love, you can order it online to have at home!
  • Higher Ground Coffee—This little shop in the heart of Helen is a great place to stop while you wander around town. Known for its excellent service and delicious lattes, it’s perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up with a side of yummy pastries.
  • Yonah Coffee Company—There are two locations to enjoy this java—Helen and Demorest. Both shops offer substantial meals along with their one-of-a-kind brews and cozy atmosphere. Try their nitrogen-infused brew or their “iced cowboy”—an espresso mixed with cream, vanilla, and shaken on the rocks.

Heading Southeast to Clarksville, GA

  • Java Joe’s Coffee Bistro—This delightful shop offers all the typical coffeehouse fare, but with excellent pastries, cakes, and cookies too. Find a seat among their comfortable chairs and play a board game or two from their collection. If you’re looking for a community vibe, Java Joe’s has it in spades.

Heading Southwest to Cleveland, GA

  • JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters Tasting Room—We’d be remiss to not mention the tasting room offered at the Jumping Goat Coffee Roaster’s roasting facility in Cleveland, GA. If the weather is right, this is a great place to enjoy your cuppa on the beautiful back porch overlooking the gorgeous Georgia mountains. Try their wine, mead, or pyment for something a little different, and grab a few of their tasty snacks for a delightful pairing.

Just Down the Road

  • Sweetwater Coffee—If you’re looking for organic, fair-trade brews along with tea, pastries, and a cozy atmosphere right down the road from Lucille’s, look no further than Sweetwater Coffee in Sautee Nacoochee, GA. Sweetwater is owned by Ben and Betsy Dockins who are also local potters. If you know Sautee Nacoochee, you know it’s a mecca for our region’s best potters, and you’ll feel that vibe throughout the shop.

We pride ourselves on supporting and promoting the local businesses that make their home in the north Georgia mountains. You’ll find JumpinGoat served in our exclusive mugs at the inn, which are also available for purchase. Buy one as a souvenir or have us ship one to your favorite coffee-lover in your life. Book a stay at Lucille’s and enjoy touring the best brews in the South!

Five mugs stacked two over three on a table on Lucille's back porch overlooking the mountains.