A Visit To North Georgia’s Loganberry Heritage Farm

In 1828, Barry Turner migrated to the northeast Georgia mountains where he set up home on a mountaintop with his wife and brood of 28 children. Fast forward to 2007 where one of his decendants, Sharon Turner Mauney, took the reins of the family’s remaining land, and created Loganberry Heritage Farm.

A HAND HOLDING A SRPIG OF FRESH PARSLEY WITH TITLE:" GROWING GOODNESS AT LOGANBERRY HERITAGE FARM."Sitting on 60 beautiful acres in Cleveland, Georgia, adjacent to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Loganberry Heritage Farm is a poster child for green and sustainable agriculture. Taking a holistic approach, Mauney and her team treat the land, animals and water as sacred, an attitude that guides all the work they do.

The farm’s seeds are primarily ones that have been saved and handed down for generations, without modifications. Its practices are environmentally friendly. With an eye to the future, it carries on research into the most successful methods of food production, such as permaculture, that “heal the land, build soil and protect future resources.”

Visitors who are interested in seeing Loganberry Heritage Farm can arrange a tour by appointment. Each two-hour tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at the animals and their role on the farm, the polyculture planting system, and the Appalachian heritage foods being raised. Tours, which include nutritious snacks, are $20 per person and dependent on the farm’s schedule and growing season.

While the farm does not have a farmers market, you can purchase products—such as 100% grass-fed pasture-raised beef, fresh herbs, and sorghum syrup—from its online store.

Loganberry Heritage Farm
2660 Adair Mill Road, Cleveland, Georgia

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