Georgia Mountain Storytelling Fest: Tales of Appalachia

Mountain history, lore, and life will be on full display during the Georgia Mountain Storytelling Festival, April 13-14, 2018 in Blairsville, Georgia.

The logo for the Georgia Mountain Storytelling Fest: these words displayed over a sketch of blue and green mountains.This year’s theme is “Claim Your Voice,” and will showcase the art of Southern storytelling, with a focus on both traditional and contemporary Appalachian stories. Some of the country’s most respected and notable  talent will be performing, including: Regi Capernter, who draws on her big family upbringing for insightful tales; Lyn Ford, a fourth-generation, nationally-acclaimed Affrilachian storyteller; A man leading a class of storytelling.Michael Reno Harrell, songwriter, storyteller, entertainer extraordinaire; Andy Offutt Irwin, an amicable talent whose humorous stories—and phenomenal whistling—totally captivate; and Reverend Robert B Jones, Sr., an inspiring storyteller who utilizes his knowledge of African-American folk music and history to educate us all.

In addition to wonderful stories, the two-day fest will include storytelling workshops where participants will learn techniques, speaking, and performance skills; musical performances, and children’s events. The event will be held in Union County’s Fine Arts Center in Blairsville, a lovely mountain community that is about a 50-minute drive northwest of Lucille’s.

Georgia Mountain Storytelling Festival
April 13-14, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Union County Fine Arts Center
926 Panther Overlook, Blairsville, GA
Early Bird Tickets: available until April 13
General, $15/one-day, $28/two-day
Seniors, $12/one-day, $22/two-day
Students 18 and under/free

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Photos courtesy of the Georgia Mountain Storytelling Festival.