North Georgia Mountain Inn Loves Going Local

One of the questions we hear most often from our guests is, “Where do you get your groceries?” Undoubtedly they can taste the freshness of the eggs in their omelets!

Like a lot of households, some of our standard items come from area stores, but we seek out local sources for many of our ingredients—and we’re fortunate we have such great suppliers so close to our home.

As you can imagine we use a ton of eggs for our special breakfast quiches and omelets, and the evening’s sweet treats (about 30 dozen a week!) so we reach out to everyone in the area who might have them fresh. A main supplier is Diane, one of our massage therapists. It’s her hens that are responsible for the eggs shown here, a colorful mix that could almost pass for Easter eggs. (The come in recyclable containers too.)

The tasty coffee we serve comes from a fine local roaster. Our super savory sausage is produced from a farm just across the road. The luscious strawberries, shown here on French toast, we get from local growers too. And our own gardens keep us in a healthy supply of fresh tomatoes, greens, peppers, and herbs.

Not only do we believe our food tastes better when we buy fresh and local products, as part of a small community, it’s what we do: support one another.

Like most of our guests, we at Lucille’s strive to shop local, be sustainable, and help the environment however we can along the way. And as it turns out, that makes for more delicious dining—and happy guest too!