Dragon Eyes: A Thrill Of A Drive In North Georgia

It twists. It turns. It takes you up, over, and around the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Dragon Eyes is a wondrous 77 miles of road.

Photo: Nathan Anderson/UnSplash

Dragon Eyes, which is located up in our neck of the North Georgia Mountains, is named for the two loops—the “eyes”—and each loop in turn has three gaps where the road passes between the mountains. The southern portion of the loop is 35 miles, the northern is 38 miles. For guests who love a scenic drive, it’s hard to imagine a better route.

The 77 miles are comprised of designated scenic highways, fun-driving mountain roads, and charming small towns, such as Dahlonega and Blairsville. Along the way, you’ll climb from 1470 feet to a high of 3480 at Hogpen Gap on the Richard Russell Scenic Highway. You’ll cross points on the Appalachian Trail where you can stop and hike.

The nearest access point for guests is close by, near Helen. If you’d like to picnic along the way, stop by Betty’s Country Store and pick up supplies. Otherwise there are a few good lunch options in both Dahlonega and Blairsville. Then head out for an enjoyable tour that takes you over Unicoi Gap, to the base of Brasstown Bald, and to all sorts of great hiking trails.

The Georgia tourism website has a good Dragon Eyes itinerary you can reference, and of course, any one of us at the Inn will be happy to help you plan your trek.

Spring is a beautiful time to take a drive—and as you know, it’s always a great time to pamper yourself at Lucille’s!