BLT Breakfast Recipe is Easy & Delicious

We started with a BLT, made a few tasty adjustments and ended up with a delectable breakfast dish we call BEAT (bacon, egg, avocado, tomato).beat 1 cropped  Bonus: it’s easy!

BEAT Ingredients:
Good bread for toast (We like sourdough from our local bakery)
Bacon slices, cooked
Fresh avocado
Fresh tomato
Siracha (or if you prefer less heat, aioli)
Fresh herbs for garnish

For each serving:
Place a piece of toast on a plate.
Top with one fried egg, avocado slices and a tomato slice.
Drizzle with Siracha or aioli
Garnish with herbs

feat croppedWe’re always happy to accommodate our guests with special diets, and make a vegetarian version of this dish using faux-bacon (right), or a vegan version using faux-bacon with tofu instead of the egg.