North Georgia Inn Gives Rooms A Soothing Redo

Lest you think life at the Inn is all yummy pastries and wine-filled sunsets, we’ve been hard at work remodeling! Room 2, which—like so many of the rooms—has wonderful outside views, now has a stylish new look on the inside too.

Here’s a picture of the room before we got busy and tore it apart.room2- before

Say goodbye to this old bath. A new one’s on the way.
old bath

The work in progress. Gone are the carpet, the old curtains and decor.
reno work

New wood flooring and window trim, a plush rug and all-new bedding make this an uber-comfy new room.
full bedroom

And you still get the same stunning views from the windows and deck.
PastedGraphic-1The room’s sitting area got a new look too. Just the place to relax with a good book.
sitting area

Here’s the view from the sitting area. Nice, huh?

And take a look at the new spa-like bath.
new bath

It’s a whole new and beautiful Room 2 — and it’s ready for visitors. We hope you come try it out soon!