See Spectacular Hot Air Balloons over the Georgia Mountains June 4-6, 2015

There’s nothing quite as awesome as watching the mass ascension of more than thirty brightly colored hot air balloons over the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. Colors, patterns and unique baskets provide a visual experience to remember as balloonists from all over the world take to the skies for the 42nd Annual Helen to the Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Race June 4-6, 2015.

A total of six to ten balloons will compete in the popular balloon race portion of the event, where balloonist race from Helen to the Atlantic. When the contestants and other balloonists lift off at 7:00am on Thursday June 4, 2015 (weather permitting) it will be a spectacular sight from the back porch of Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn and Spa. The winner of the race is the first balloon to cross the finish line of Interstate 95, anywhere from Maine to Miami, depending on where the winds take the balloons. The shortest distance is 225 miles and the race has been completed in as little as one to two days. It’s all “weather permitting,” and engages the skills of the pilot and crew.

Meanwhile, back in our neighboring town of Helen, Georgia, the remaining balloonists participate in local flying events beginning Thursday evening. Balloons will be spotted throughout the area Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting around 7:00am and again in the evening around 6:00pm.  Champagne balloon flights are also available during the event by reservation only.  It is a truly awesome way to see the mountains of Northeast Georgia.  Call the host balloon company, Head Balloons at 706-865-3874 to make your reservations or call us here at the inn and we’ll be happy to assist with making your stay at Lucille’s even more memorable.

You can also see what it’s like to be part of a hot air balloon crew by assisting with balloon inflations or by being part of a balloon chase crew. Tethered balloon rides are another fun way to participate and are available at the launch site in Helen, taking riders 50 to 75 feet up for several minutes at a time. All activities can be scheduled through Head Balloons, or you can just kick back and watch this event from the comfort of Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn and Spa’s outdoor deck and lawn.  Watching the lift off of the hot air balloon race has become a tradition here at Lucille’s, marking the beginning of a super summer season in our beautiful mountains. We still have some rooms available, so make your plans now to stay with us Wednesday June 3rd to watch the race begin early Thursday morning (weather permitting) or stay June 4th, 5th or 6th to watch or participate in the local ballooning events each morning or evening.  Call us here at Lucille’s at 706-878-5055 to make your time in the mountains extra special during this spectacular event.