Learn What It Takes To Be An Innkeeper August 16 – 18, 2013

Ever thought of breaking out of your corporate job and running a bed and breakfast? Sound like just a dream? I’m living proof that you can make it happen and, for me and many other professional innkeepers, attending an aspiring innkeeper’s seminar was a critical first step in making the dream a reality.  
One day several years ago I was sitting in a conference room, literally thousands of miles away from home, while everyone else in the room was shouting at each other. I was an outsourcing consultant and project manager that helped large companies make decisions on outsourcing and those are never easy decisions. I loved the work but I was tired of the full-time travel and constantly being surrounded by stressed-out people. So on that day, in my mind, I made a sudden decision to find something else to do – something where I would instead be surrounded by happy people.  
So my journey began, but I had a problem…I didn’t have a destination. I continued working as a consultant as I began exploring other career possibilities and after several months I began to focus on professional innkeeping. I began reading books and a lot of information on the Internet, but the turning point was attending a weekend aspiring innkeepers seminar at a bed and breakfast. During that weekend I learned I did have what it takes to be a successful innkeeper and, also that weekend, I committed myself to making the leap from corporate stress to relaxed innkeeper. Here I am, just a few years later, happy to see the smiling faces that walk in the door of my inn everyday.
The B&B Team®/Bushnell & Bushnell Services will present “A Better Way to Learn Innkeeping™”, a phenomenal seminar for aspiring innkeepers at Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa on August 16 – 18, 2013. During the seminar, which starts at 3:30pm on Friday and ends around Noon on Sunday, Scott Bushnell will lead the participants through an exciting overview of the industry, inn valuation, operations, marketing, financing and how to find or build the inn that is right for you. To learn more see the full seminar description here or contact Scott Bushnell at (410) 422-5083. Lucille’s will be offering a discount that weekend off our regular room rates for seminar participants only, so call us at 706-878-5055 to book your room for the seminar. Cheers!