Experience Farm to Table Freshness with Organic Free-Range Chicken Eggs

Free-Range Chickens at Nacoochee Valley Farm

Farm fresh eggs taste better, especially if they are organic free-range chicken eggs.  Our neighbors at Nacoochee Valley Farm, an all natural farm in the heart of the valley, produce organic brown chicken eggs that make all of our breakfast egg dishes and baked goods taste great.  Their fancy Italian chickens graze in open farm yards, feeding on natural greens and insects, producing a wonderful light flavor.  Not only do their eggs taste better, but they also contain a high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to provide numerous health benefits. 

In addition to the great taste and brown shell, organic free-range chicken eggs weigh more than commercial chicken eggs and have a yolk that is vivid yellow. They cook up to a beautiful golden yellow color and make a egg frittata look dazzling on a china plate!  Commercial chicken eggs just look pale in comparison.  Once you’ve tried farm fresh, natural eggs you’ll know why we go to the extra effort.  If you want to try some farm to table freshness with a mountain view just call Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa at 706-878-5055 to arrange your mountain get-away soon.